Let's meet digitally to boost-up your event and inspire your guests.

Alex Si is probably the first magician-mentalist in Belgium and in France who offered his shows live and online during the pandemic.

Since March 2020, he leveraged these times of physical distancing and online meetings to adapt is magic and mentalism, and to share them digitally and live.


You think it is impossible for magic and mentalism to be as exciting as in real life? Think again!


Alex provides online experiences that are dynamic, fun and inspiring. Again and again, participants of his online and live events have been delighted.

Whether you want to boost-up your meetings, to add excitement to a virtual happy hours, to learn, discover, and be enlightened through edu-taining talks, or just to get fun and inspiration, Alex can help you.


Watch below how he makes his audiences have a great time online, then read their testimonials.


In October 2020, Alex created a show for TEDxVilvoorde, an online event.
Even if the show wasn't streamed live, Alex nonetheless made it a point of honor to make it interactive!

“To experience without restraint!

Every show is different!”

“Alex knows how to captivate us, he tells stories with brilliance, and he knows how to amaze us with tricks that seem so simple on the surface!

To see again and again!”

“A remote magic show as surprising, incredible and interactive as in real!

Bravo, I'm fan and impatient to experience that again ;)”

“Yes, magic works even behind a screen!

Alex Si brillantly demonstrated this during one session in his Secret Room. I loved to learn fascinating information about the great magicians who inspired him, and I liked very much the interactivity throughout the show, as well as the messages framing each "trick" that were presented.

Thank you for this excellent moment!”

“Not being a fan of magic, I must admit Alex's approach surprised me!

He approaches magic with poetry, philosophy and wisdom!

Thanks Alex for this discovery!”

“It was a first for me, I liked it very much.

I'm now waiting for the next time to share it with my grandchildren.”

“His love for magic shines through his show!”

“There was a opening, middle and end. I got to see some visual Magic got to participate in some and was entertained at 3am =)”

“One hour of live magic that completely flew by!

Quality, ease, excellence of the artist who polishes, and who enjoys that too!

We have fun, we learn, we dream... What a beautiful and joyful Saturday evening we spent at this show.

Thank you!”

“Thank you Alex for gifting us your talent and your smile!

A magical time that lightens this complicated period of time.”

“Alex held us spellbound as much with his words as with his movement all along the show.

We have spent an enjoyable moment of peace and happiness, and we have enjoyed his professionalism.”

“A virtual magic show?

Alex did it and it was amazing!”

“A pinch of dream during gloomy times, high spirits in the seriousness, smiles in a dark and sour world. It is possible with Alex Si!

Short moments of magic spread across the week to break with monotony, enjoy them to your heart's content.”

“Alex has his place among the greats. In a short time, you'll hear about him everywhere.

There's poetry in his words, in his gestures. He tells stories that transport you.

Every time I watch Alex performing his art, time stops and it always falls short. That's what falling back into childhood does.

He's impressive. From the beginning to the end, I have a smile on my face and sparkles in my eyes. Do not miss this fantastic talent.”

“An escape in these times of lockdown.

To those who think moments of togetherness, of sharing are inexistent while Covid 19 hits... To those who say that fulfilling our needs to dream, to escape, to linger on light and futile things, to smile, to laugh is impossible in this seriousness...

It's because none of them experienced Alex's show!

I had this privilege and during 20 minutes, I dreamt, I've had my head in the clouds, I became a spellbound kid. Cards fly, coins disappear into thin air, spots multiply then vanish, ropes lengthen, smiles lighten faces, thoughts whizz by... We laugh!

Everything becomes possible! It's beautiful, simple and magical, it's generous and heart warming. Thank you Alex!”

“I'll come back to the next show.”

“Thank you Alex for inviting us in your Secret Room and for sharing impressive performances, almost as in a real theater!

A great way to stay connected and keep a high morale during this lockdown period.”

“A pleasant experience to have at home! Short format and 'close-up' feeling.

A big thank you to Alex and to the effort of entertaining whatever the circumstances!”

“I'm impressed.

Magician, I can understand it, but mentalist through video...

How do you do that?”

“A remote magic show as impressive, incredible and interactive as in real life!

Bravo, I'm fan and impatient to live such an experience one more time.”

“A big breath of fresh air!”

Discover testimonials from Alex delighted customers on this page.

Short testimonials and excerpts from shows are also shared regularly on Alex LinkedIn profile.

Here are a few of them: