Because Alex also seeks to changer the way magic is being presented.

In addition to perform as a magician-mentalist during your private and corporate parties to make them more memorable, to inspire your guests as a keynote speaker or as a magical emcee, Alex Si also produces magic shows with master magicians as well as trainings for magicians.


He started to produce magical events because he wants to change the way magic is being presented. He perceives most of today's magicians are presenting magic only as tricks or puzzles. He prefers to create magic that makes you dream and shows you that the impossible can become reality.


How does he do it? Alex partners with master magicians to offer spectacular and sensational magical experiences. When you attend such shows, you will taste and savor a variety of different types of magic.

Alex also organizes trainings for magicians, because they are the ones who can change the world of magic.


More regularly, Alex produces his own shows as well as a monthly show in Brussels with magician and mentalist friends: Les Voyages Enchanteurs



In 2016, Alex was delighted to invite and produce his mentor, the philosopher-magician Lawrence Hass.
In addition of a public show followed by a Q&A session highly praised by the audience, Lawrence also lead a group of magicians during a full day into his views about magic.


In 2017, Alex produced his teacher and friend George Parker, corporate alchemist specialized in creativity and innovation.
George started with a lecture-show about creativity, then continued with a show opened to everyone. The following day, he held a masterclass for a small group of lucky magicians.


In 2018, Las Vegas magic came to Brussels with Jeff McBride!
Alex's teacher and mentor is up and foremost a Las Vegas magic superstar, known and acclaimed all around the globe. He performed a show and a lecture about the art of magic that could only delight the Belgian public! A few magicians were also able to spend 3 days in an intensive masterclass with Jeff.

“Things are not always what they seem to be. Magic says what you think is impossible, might be possible after all.”

“Mysteries are not to be explained, but to be experienced.”

“Magic is not about fooling and deceiving people.

It is about giving them energy, delight and wonder.”