Alex Si is a modern, elegant and artistic magician based in Brussels.
He can definitely help you turn a private party, a corporate party, or a set of conferences, into a fantastic experience.

Alex Si is a magician based in Brussels. He specializes in magic up close, magic you experience with your own hands, in an intimate setting. When performing in bigger situations, he always work on creating that feeling of wonder and intimacy.

Alex combines astonishing magic, an elegant and artistic style, with uplifting ideas, creating the perfect mix to let you experience how possible is impossibility.

Alex wears many masks: magician during your parties, speaker using magic to enhance his messages, magical emcee of conferences, and producer of uplifting magic shows and trainings for magicians.

As such, he can provide you a whole set of experiences: from the intimate atmosphere of magic performed at your table in a restaurant or during a cocktail party, to the exciting discovery of the neuroscience behind magic!

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They trusted me for their successful events: BNP Paribas Fortis, Puratos, Avocats Xirius, Crelan, Delta Airlines, EIT Digital, Accor Hotels Belux, Greenfish, CCI France-Belgique (Marianne de Cristal,) Phinest, AMICE (Atomium,) SenseMedia Events (Atomium,) Poppy, Obelis, NIAS (OTAN,) Orica, BLS Fiduciaire

“Thanks to Alex we created the best event possible! Sharing a memorable experience with all the participants of our training. Alex led us on an intense and inspirational journey through his magical world. He played with our senses and imagination, bringing us energy, delight and true wonder! In addition to his various performances and performance-talk, Alex also helped us design the event, taking our needs and wishes into account. This, is MAGIC!”

“I worked with Alex for a Networking Dinner and Awards Ceremony I was organising with an international guest list. From the very start, he was completely focused on making sure the event was a success and that he would be able to give the guests the best experience possible.

I would highly recommend Alex as a magician, entertainer and problem-solver.”

“Everyone was impressed. Magic at the service of human relationships!

The goal of the evening was to connect customers, suppliers, prospects and friends in a into one same dynamic; Alex greatly helped us in doing that. Add to this a flawless preparation in order to adapt his performances to the venue, the participants and the timing. Thank you!”

“During our Peaky Blinders Christmas party, Alex knew how to guide our guest into the time of prohibition. Participants loved the moments of magic Alex made them experience. Magical moments almost custom-made, despite the large number of guests.

Also, we especially liked that he adapted both to the evening theme and to the unforeseen changes during the event. We thank Alex for his kindness, his professionalism, and his magic.”

“Alex, with his friend Christos Kritikos, allowed us to brilliantly launch our team event. They used their large skill set to help us disconnect from work, and to throw us into the pleasure of being together.

Alex was of great help in both preparing and designing the event. He suggested several options so that we could create together the best event possible.”

“We spent a wonderful evening with Alex, composed of surprising magic and lectures about the tricks played by our brain!

Participants loved the combination between magic shows and the lecture-show. Alex was able to loosen up the atmosphere by putting our participants at ease through a small group exercise, breaking up from the working day routine.

The last magic trick at the end of the lecture was flabbergasting.

Alex also offered strong suggestions when assisting me for the evening organization. He was always available to discuss about the event before it took place.”

“Alex was fantastic - he performed a series of brilliant magic tricks and illusions and had our whole group in awe.

Alex added another dimension to our evening and he really did make the party!

I would highly recommend Alex!!”

“I was looking for a magician out of the ordinary. I was not disappointed!

I've been quickly seduced by Alex's approach, and I was not the only one! Everyone like the several performances of Alex.

In addition of adding a touch of magic and poetry to the evening, he helped me create the event based on my desires and on the venue constraints.”

“Alex showed us a diverse, artistic and astonishing magic! Our friends and families, from the youngest to the oldest, loved his performance.

In addition to all his magic performances, he helped me in organizing my event, offering me several options to make it even more memorable.”


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Far from the common card and coin tricks, Alex Si offers entertaining, artistic and unique magical experiences. Alex loves to combine uplifting ideas with his astonishing magic, leaving his audiences under a spell of energy and wonder.

He's been studying magic for more than ten years with master magicians, travelling as far as Las Vegas, to study at the McBride Magic & Mystery School, the most prestigious magic school in the world according to the BBC.

Alex loves intimate magic, magic performed in small settings and up close. He thinks this is the best way to experience magic and to turn your world upside down!
For bigger settings, he can offer a magical experience where everyone will feel included as if in an intimate setting. As well as astonished, of course!


Alex Si is a speaker who uses magic to entertain and enhance his key messages.
His areas of expertise are the art of magic, the (neuro)science behind the art of magic, technology and computer science, and communication (public speaking, persuasion and influence, improvisation and impromptu speeches, and graphic design.)
He can also compose with your theme, bridging his expertise with your topic.

Alex can also play the role of master of ceremonies (emcee) during conferences, adding magic and entertainment to the event.
His specialty is to be clear, to the point and energizing. He thinks the best emcee is the one easing the flow, guiding the participants through the event gracefully. Not the one trying to shine more than the stars of the event.
When an issue occur, he can help smoothen the issue by entertaining the participants. The show will go on before they notice any dead time!


Alex Si also produces magic shows with master magicians and trainings for magicians.

He started to produce magical events because he wants to change the way magic is perceived. He thinks most of today's magic is performed only as a puzzle, a trick. He prefers to experience magic that makes you dream and that shows you that your dreams can come true.

To achieve his goal, Alex partners with master magicians to offer tremendous magical experiences. With the magic shows he produces, he allows you to taste magic differently.
Alex also organizes trainings for magicians, because they are the ones who can change the world of magic.


Whether you are organizing a private party, a team building event, a birthday party, a corporate party, a wedding, or a set of conferences, Alex Si knows how difficult it is to achieve your goals.

He has organized himself many events over the years: conferences, magic shows, private parties, and trainings. Everytime he aimed for - and reached - quality, respect, flow and fun.

Far from offering standardized packages, Alex creates tailor-made experiences and performances.

Whatever your event be, he makes a point in understanding your goals, your context, your participants, your needs and your wishes. Understanding all those aspects help him offer you the best experience possible.

Alex usually considers himself as your personal show organization consultant. His goal being to satisfy you as well as your guests. He creates your event with you, the best event possible.

“Mysteries are not to be explained, but to be experienced.”

“The magician has a role to play. It is reminding people, who grew up in a highly technological society, of things we are in danger of forgetting.

Things are not always what they seem to be. Magic says what you think is impossible, might be possible after all.”

“Magic is not about fooling and deceiving people.

It is about giving them energy, delight and wonder.”