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Published on August 3, 2022

How to end up on RTL while holding a gold record?
By helping the Hard Rock Café Brussels to celebrate their 10 years of existence!

Last Sunday evening, I was the emcee - MC - of the evening.
It was a pleasure to prepare the ceremony.
It was a pleasure to meet Daddy K.
It was a pleasure to highlight his donation of his gold record to the Hard Rock Café.
I'm not going to lie: it is always a pleasure to be in the spotlight! (Even indirectly)

But, to be honest, I prefer the second photo I shared on my social network posts.
Because it better represents my role as MC: on the side.
Making space for others.
Spotlighting the speakers.
Showcasing the event.
Guiding the participants through this event.
Drawing attention to what is important.

And on Sunday, it was the accomplishments of Hard Rock Café.
It was the impressive career of Daddy K.
It was the first Belgian piece of memorabilia to join the HRC Brussels museum.
Being on RTL Info holding a gold record was just a bonus.
And this bonus relies only on Daddy K's kindness who told me "Come! Join us on the picture!"

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