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Published on May 2, 2022

What a day it was!

Last Friday was TEDx day.
I had the chance to take part of TEDxKULeuvenBrussels at the wonderful Cinema in Maison de la Poste (Tour & Taxis).

Attending a TEDx event is always an experience that opens up to so many ideas.
Talking at a TEDx event adds the meeting of many fascinating individuals.
From the other speakers to the participants in the audience !

Not counting the wonderful people who work hard behind the scene to make it all come true.

A few photos are available on TEDxKULeuvenBrussels page.
More will surely soon be posted.
I've also shared some on Facebook (here and there) and on Instagram (here and there.)

Officials videos should be out in a couple of months.
However, you can still watch the full replay of the event here.
Enjoy it while it lasts!
(My part starts around 2:09:25)