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Published on April 15, 2022

In a short week, I'll have the pleasure to take part in Itinérart, a cultural event promoting artits and organized by the city of Anderlecht.
I'll perform a show on Saturday April 23 at 17:00, and another one on Sunday April 24 at 15:00.

Yesterday, I visited the two venues the city offers me. (Photos are available on Instagram or on Facebook.)
I initially thought to perform the same show on both days.
But since this visit, I must admit it might be possible that I take advantage of Sunday's venue technical capabilities to present my show Magic That Inspire...

If you a near Brussels on those days, it'll be a pleasure to meet you or to see you again. Being it on Saturday, Sunday, or both!

Details and info are available on Itinérart website, or via my posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.
It's free and without prior booking.