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Published on December 23, 2020

It is over! And there's even more...
Since about ten days, the de-SI-sive series is over (*)
And I've added a bonus episode!
After almost 6 months of work (without taking into account all the prior thinking,) 14 episodes laters, and almost as many creations for the series, I did not imagine the creative journey this would create.

de-SI-sive is a video series to raise awareness about decision-making, about the unconscious traps laid by our brain (like cognitive biases,) and about how to avoid them when we are facing an important decision.
This series also aims to promote my work and the lecture-show I created on this topic in 2020.

You can discover the episodes here.

(*) Some people asked me if there would be a sequel to the series. I did not yet think about a second season but you never know...