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Published on November 10, 2020

Last March, April, May and June, I offered several shows and magic moments online and live to stay in touch and to remind the distancing is not social but only physical.
With the new situation in Belgium and France, I decided to offer once again an online and live show to connect with you, and to help you have some good time in this strange period.
Unlike the previous months where I offered a different show each time, this time I'll offer the same show twice: once in French on Nov 22 at 18:00 and once in English on Nov 22 at 20:00 (all Brussels time -- that should allow friends from the UK and the US to join us.)
Follow the links to get your seat.

Please note that, as a reader of this message, I consider you to be part of my community; and as such, you can get a full discount.
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And to know more about the experience of an online show with me, it's this way.