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Published on November 3, 2020

Total surprise!
This morning, Tom Meyers, the organizer of TEDxVilvoorde told me one of the shows I created for the event had been selected by the team at!
My surprise came from two things:
1) Tom told me he wanted to send one of my segments to the TED team (because he was surprised by the quality of my work -- read his testimonial here,) but I didn't really belived in it, as
2) the teams at mainly select TEDx talks (based on their quality and ideas shared,) and rarely shows.
I was definitely not expecting to appear on both website and the TEDx Youtube channel.
The week starts well!

You can find here the show that has been selected by TED.
If you want to watch the other show, replay tickets are still available on the TEDxVilvoorde website.