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Published on October 26, 2020

This weekend was busy!
The annual gathering of the Magic & Mystery School happened online over 2 days. 2 days of connecting with old and new friends, learning magic and mentalism, performing inspiring magic, and presenting thoughtful topics.

I had the pleasure to share a new performance I've been working on for about a year (yes, it takes time to create a new performance!) as well as a 10-minute version of my thoughts on decision-making and the illusions we all yield to (yes, even magicians.)
This last part was maybe the most difficult. Usually, talks at Magic & Meaning at 20-minutes long... And I was planning for that by adapting the short version of my lecture-show about decision-making. Alas! Timing was reduced to bring more rythm to the now online event.
Creating a 10-minutes version of my insights was tough (going shorter always require more efforts than going longer.)
But the accolades I received after both my performance and my talk made me realise they did hit my friends, respectively, in the heart and in the brain.