Thank you for having attended the Master Class with Jeff McBride last May 4-6 in Brussels. Jeff and I believe it was a success: we had fun, you had fun, you got inspired, and we all grew in our art!

It is now time to go back to our notepads, sort our notes and work on our magic! This is also time for memories. Thanks to Olivier and Grégory, we can enjoy great ones.

Feel free to share them with your friends. Simply be respectful of your new friends and their image. Sending the link to this website is good practice. Asking me for a photo (via is a good one too.

If you have not already done so, please share your feedback with us via this online form.

Have a magical landing back to reality and create fantastic magic.
Magic is good medecine.


“Do not miss the opportunity to learn from a Master. It will feel like the beginning of a new journey you’ll never want to stop! And don’t forget your notebook :-)”

“With this master class I was like in a new dimension of magic full of answers to questions I'm asking since years.”

“I am not a man using superlatives to describe an experience, but for Jeff's masterclass experience I will make an exception. In my mind I felt a very inspiring BOOM!

“The Jeff McBride Masterclass is the single best investment I have ever made in my magic and a life changing experience.”

“During the class I felt deep seriousness - and that's what we miss these days in magic - seriousness in work, in practice and in creation.

I was astonished by Jeff's ability to see something good in everything which surrounds him!

To the extent that I was worried if this was real or not!

“Having attending several classes with Jeff, I'm always amazed of 3 things: how time flies at lightspeed during a class, how obvious - and demanding - the "right" path is, and how fast we make new friends, for life!”


“I have produced several Masterclasses for Magicians with Jeff McBride. I've seen many magicians do lectures and teach. And I could easily categorize them.

But what Jeff does doesn't fit any category. He seems to shapeshift to meet the needs of every individual student. He doesn't try to push his visions but is genuinely interested in the student. It's his mission to take that particular student to his or her next level. This means that he takes every relevant aspect into consideration to quickly design the most effective way to coach: level of skill, background, style, kind of magic, personality. Apart from his skills as a magician and teacher, he may be the most generous person in the business.

“Jeff McBride created an atmosphere of excitement - and the unexpected. Plus, his lecture and masterclass not only invigorated Chicago's magic community with a great deal of celebrity buzz, it provided practical material for working performers as well as a much-welcomed opportunity to delve into the deeper mysteries of performing professionally.
“I hosted The Jeff McBride Experience in Italy in 2010, and it has been a totally rewarding and enriching experience, on many different levels.
To the Master Class, the most recurrent feedback have been: “the deepest and most important learning experience a magician can get.” No matter the level of ability or expertise, it’ll bring the participant to his next level in magic.
Moreover, from my host viewpoint, spending time with Jeff on the road, lecturing and performing, offered me a privileged access to a whole new realm of secret knowledge.”